Saturday, June 9, 2007

100 Chairs in 100 Days

Chair Examples from the exhibition

Designer Martino Gamper made a bid to make 100 new chairs from elements of old discarded and donated ones, each one taking a day to make. What interested me about this project was not so much the chair designs themselves, but the concept and reasoning the designer gave - "by deconstructing the chairs I gained a new insight into its construction and use of materials which informs the creation of the new design".

The idea of extracting elements from existing successful design and re-combining them to produce new outcomes and new ideas provides a fascinating approach to any area of design and a way by which to challenge the conventions/style of the time. Gamper's chairs illustrate just how original these outcomes can be.

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Lauren Davis said...

It just goes to show that old products can be modified to create stonger pieces. Even good designs can be improved. Martino Gamper has used this concept to come up with more unusual ideas. This idea could be developed for other pieces of furniture such as tables and creating different styles of lighting.