Sunday, June 10, 2007

Sustainable Design

thomas.matthews is one of a rising number of sustainable design led agencies that aims to produce ethically considered work. For anyone interested in this area of design, the site is worth a look, particularly some of the information about how the agency designs sustainably. Apart from the sustainable approch to their work, the site displays some of the agency's work including an innovative interactive 'discussion' for V&A Late, which involved the public being able to write their thoughts to several statements, generating a public discussion and the lift:eat london project, which demonstrates the effective application of a concept across multiple media outcomes.

Thoughtful - another sustainable design led agency


Fabio Fragiacomo said...

This is a very interesting area of design and also a very recent trend. The essential aim of sustainable design is to produce places, products and services in a way that reduces use of non-renewable resources. Sustainable design is a reaction to the global environmental issues that we currently face and discuss about. It would be interesting to discover your personal thoughts on this subject and start a sort of discussion with your fellow students in order to create a debate on this current issue. thomas.matthews is an interesting source of information and creative ideas.

SarahFleming said... - Site dedicated to socially aware design with some good links for anyone interested in this up and coming area of design.