Sunday, June 10, 2007

Public Spaces

Conceptual artist Jenny Holzer is well-known for her work using words and ideas in public spaces; her work is an exploitation of public space, which is more than often subject to the messages of commerce. All her work aims to confront the reader, to challenge or question a part of modern culture and this is all well, however, the visually arresting executions of her work could be seen to override the message - whether the audience remembers the visual impact of the piece or the message behind it, her work is unique and has emphasized how public spaces can be used by designers.


Holly Mee said...

Does the artist actually do this to scale or is it reproductions on the mac, if life scale its petty impressive, i especially like the crane one, with the huge machinery and landscape locations it emphasises the message more.

Michelle Almond said...

Brilliant - if you're near by you can't not see it! It's there, in your face, you can't get away from it. They are just words... but they are powerful and incontrolable by you or me.

SarahFleming said...

Yes, they are to scale. Ive only ever managed to see one in real, yet it was impacting and something you definately remember. But this is the issue - is it the words we remember, consider and take in or is it the visual impact of such a thing being imposed on a space within our urban landscape, or both?