Sunday, September 2, 2007

Graphic Picture Warnings

A recent news article I noticed reporting the government have decided to print gruesome images depicting the effects of smoking on all cigarette packets from next year. "The graphic images, which include pictures of diseased lungs, must be printed on all tobacco products made in the UK by the end of 2009, under the new regulations. After public consultation 15 images have been chosen to accompany text warnings about smoking related diseases, including lung cancer and heart disease" (Guardian).

It is claimed the reason for the move was due to the diminishing impact of written warnings on cigarette packets and I have to agree, these have almost become part of the conventions of a cigarette packet and once you've seen one you've seen them all. It would be interesting to hear peoples' responses to the use of images - it is said an image is worth a thousand words but will an image have any prolonged impact in this context. If a smoker is repeatedly reminded visually of what he/she is doing to their insides, would it deter them or will this merely merge into the conventions of cigarette packets aswell?

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hannah smithies said...

this should work but to be honest it wont, smokers will surely just turn the packets with the images over. smokers will give up when they want to give up and seeing a horrible image on a cig packet will not change attitudes. smokers are now being basically bullied, and still its not changed smokers attitudes. i think a campaign should be aimed more at children to discourage smoking from a young age and not when you are a more established smoker, as it just doesnt work.