Sunday, September 2, 2007

Jen Stark

Really unique and refreshing portfolio from US-based artist Jen Stark. Her work includes both three and two dimensional exploration through sculpture, drawn and animated mediums, all flourishing through her skillful use of paper and colour. I felt this work had real commercial potential and her approach and techniques could be pushed in graphic and environmental design. I also found it particularly interesting to see how she had approached an animation using her recognisable approach to work.


Charlotte said...

I love the controlled intensity of her work.. especially in contrast with random, doodle-like picture at the top. I'd be tempted to combine the two.. Like adding a tiny doodle to one of the sheets of paper or on the white-space at the side. They'd work great on "call for entries" material.. or obviously as advertising for a paper company!

Claire said...

If you hadn't said that they were actually made from paper I am not sure I would have picked that bit up, they are so sharp and well done. Whilst I liked the animation and the potential that this has, its a shame the quality wasn't greater as it doesn't look quite as impressive as the stills do. I would love to see a bit more of the animation work, as Charlotte said adding doodles or even text could really work in contrast with the distinctive lines.