Monday, September 3, 2007

My Amoy

A promotional interactive site for My Amoy cooking sauces someone recently told me about and that I then discovered had received recognition for it's design/concept. Intrigued I visited the site, MyAmoy, to find I had to cook my own stirfry online; the visuals arent great but I can see the concept behind it - a new way to get the customer to come into contact with the brand and product in a hope they will then put this into action and purchase in store. By making the user, the potential customer, 'make a stirfry', choosing their preferred ingredients and using an Amoy Sauce, it encourages the customer to consider how they can use the product in tune with their own cooking habits and tastes. It's interesting to see how digital media outcomes can be used for everyday products, but then I do wonder the effectiveness of this promotional site - would the target audience of Amoy products really spend ten minutes pretending to make a stir-fry online?


Claire said...

I think you have highlighted the one real problem with this idea and one I probably wouldn't have thought of, would their ideal target 'have the time' to make a stirfry online in the first place. That aside, I do like the thinking behind this. Amoy have really tried to be innovative in their marketing recently and in that respect I hope it pays off.

Claire said...
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