Saturday, October 6, 2007

The Economist

A new campaign from AMV BBDO for The Economist which has taken a new approach from the copy-based campaigns we are all so familiar with. Illustrations from Non-Format, Mick Marston and Geoff McFetridge form a series of print advertisements that although have adopted a similar concept and tone of voice to previous campaigns, offer a refreshing change of execution and visual style. The campaign was recently reviewed in Creative Review.

It would be interesting to hear peoples' reactions to this new campaign; is it more or less effective and will the change of execution effect it's success - will the visual style appeal and attract the attention of the target market?

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Claire said...

Overall I have to say I probably prefer the Economist red background white copy from before that we are all familiar with. Having said that, some of these adverts are really witty and clever.

The campaign had to evolve, there is only so long that you can pursue the same concept before it becomes tired and for the Economist this would have been the worst thing to happen. The illustrations are clever and sharp, I guess they will also help to attract a slightly different type of customer.

It is a really good idea, but it does run the risk of suffering in the same thing that the second Sony Bravia advert did; the first was so clever the second is almost bound to not quite live up.