Sunday, October 7, 2007

Saturday - Ian McEwan

Saturday, a book from one of my favourite contemporary authors Ian McEwan which I have just finished reading. Set on Saturday February 15th in London when almost a million people took to the streets of London in protest of the impending war in Iraq, the narrative which takes place over just 24 hours, uses this as a background to a more personal story, following a series of unforeseen events which occur in the life of main character Henry Perowne.

In a way not an awful lot seems to happen within the novel as it follows Perowne's normal Saturday routine, punctured with several unexpected happenings on the way. However, McEwan gets past telling story and into the thoughts of Henry Perowne, presenting a distinctly British view of the modern, one where terrorism has become part of our everyday lives.

McEwan's writing is rich and vivid and he has a skill at going into the minds and thoughts of his characters and making a far deeper examination of our minds and lives. Not an 'action-packed' book but recommended!

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