Friday, July 13, 2007

Ambient Media

Two examples of innovative business cards that have used a visual technique to make a reference to the service being provided, making the cards memorable to the receiver. Simple yet witty and perfectly suited to their purpose.


Caleb said...

A great use of visual metaphor for the post-marriage councilling business card. The combination of a physical act of tearing suggests conflict and aggression or digard whereas the taping back together suggests healing. Who designed this business card? Why do you think they used the colour red?

SarahFleming said...

It was an Indian-based agency - Santosh Dhome Design in 2006. It's great to be able to come across design from another culture and interesting to see that this still functions in Western Europe.

A while ago I read some bits on trans-cultural design, which explored how designers design for other cultures and the growing importance of understanding your target market. Although it doesn't apply to this example, the fact that the concept and execution still functions successfully in another culture reminded me of the article. Will try and find the link.

And on the colour of red - red is synonmous with anger and argument and yet also with love and relationships - the perfect colour to compliment the two strands of the visual metaphor - the tearing up and conflict and the taping up and repair, resulting in a loving relationship once more.