Friday, July 13, 2007

'Friendly Fire' - Jonathan Barnbrook

Friendly Fire - a retrospective of the career of graphic designer Jonathan Barnbrook. Known for pioneering design with a social conscious, the exhibition stretches from Barnbrook's early experimentations to recent work with the anti-corporate magazine Adbusters and that of his studio, Barnbrook Design - including some pioneering typefaces from over the last two decades. The studio is notable for it's belief that design can faciliate social change and generate discussion. The exhibition demonstrates the importance of design as a 'voice' within society and the success of Barnbrook's work illustrates how design has become a culturally valid form of expression. The work on display is innovative whilst deeply thought-provoking and a great chance to see the work of a leading designer of today.

The book Barnbrook Bible: The Graphic Design of Jonathan Barnbrook contains both his well-known and some unpublished works and offers a fascinating insight into the thought processes surrounding his work and well worth a read if his work, approach and beliefs appeal.

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