Sunday, July 15, 2007

Pictures of Walls

A fascinating site I came across containing a collection of images, some of walls, from around the world. I liked flicking through the albums, seeing how a few words made something uninteresting, interesting and intriguing. I also found the idea of anonymity interesting - you have no idea who created/wrote each piece, yet in some cases, you can begin to imagine their personality or and interest/issue particularly close to them.

Worth a look if you enjoy this kind of witty environmental/urban art.

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Holly Mee said...

This site is really good, simple but shows people expressing themselves and being creative with there surroundings and everyday material. Most of the time its just the simple stuff that makes you laugh or smile either because you can sympathise or just because of what it means. But i have to say with some of them you do wonder who wrote them to make them say it, and if they were anything like you thought they would be.