Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Braille League

Adverts for the Braille League, an association that helps people with visual disabilities integrate with society.

Advertising Agency: Factory DGB, Belgium
Art Director: Alison Anselot, Geert de Rocke

Set of print advertisements raising the awareness of communication with the blind and the use of braille; the line "Blind see what they hear. Help them to see more" emphasises the need for better written or spoken communication for visually impaired audiences. The images, created from the words that illustrate the sounds associated with each of the objects, offer a really strong concept - it communicates the idea blind people use their hearing as their 'sight' also and creates a striking visual. It did however, take me alittle time to decipher all the words, but I felt the idea of highlighting the fact that communication needs to be more detailed for visually impaired audiences worked well.

This campaign also raises the issue of designing for audiences with disabilities or impairments and offers a really interesting challenge - to produce communications that both function effectively and are suitable for the specific audience. Designers so often think visually, but thinking about the use of braille, engagement with senses other than sight, and advancements in technology, could provide starting points for some innovative, forward-thinking design.

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