Monday, July 16, 2007

The Fashion Museum

'The Museum of Costume' in Bath has recently been re-branded by a local consultancy Northbank. The new identity (shown above) was devised to reflect the newly named 'Fashion Museum' in a more positive light to younger generations. Furthermore, it was interesting to see how from the initial identity, the musuem has extended the re-branding far beyond the standard literature and stationary and used spot colours from the identity itself for flooring, walls and displays to harmonise the whole experience.

As for the identity itself, I can see the idea of visualising the idea of a collection of clothing from many different eras, fashions, designers and places through the use of the merging lines and the bright, fresh colours give a contemporary feel to the brand. However I'm still not so sure as to whether a fashion museum could be better represented - I guess perhaps the lines also link to the use of threads evident in all the clothing within the musuem. It's a hard task to reflect in an identity, such an organisation as a museum where there are so many aspects you'd like to represent and so perhaps in this case, some simple typography may of suited? Yet, I can sympathise with the need to also appeal to the younger generations in order to re-ignite interest in the musuem.

And for anyone near Bath who hasn't visited, this is a great place to go if you've got an interest in fashion and fashion history with some fantastic collections from designers past and present.

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Hannah said...

I agree with you about the identity, my initial thought was that it must be in London as it looks like the tube map! Sounds like a great museam to visit though.