Sunday, July 29, 2007


TheFLOWmarket- I read about this a while ago and recently came across it again. TheFLOWmarket is a provocative 'shop'/exhibition space that both drives home it's point and visually, looks stunning. It is focused on sustainable growth, which it presents the parameters through three catagories: individual, collective and environmental flow, whilst it raises the issues of consumption, consumerism and our values through physical representation.

"It is a supermarket selling consumer awareness. TheFLOWmarket™ has isles, shelves and registers like any other supermarket. But the cans, cartons and bottles on the shelves are all empty. The project idea is purely metaphysical and so are the products for sale. Entering the shop you can buy things like "Clean air", "Commercial free space", "Consumption moderators", "Good vibes" and "Holistic thinking" dressed up as basic commodities in standard containers"

The project is completely metaphorical yet even by looking at the images of the exhibition/shop, you can begin to see how it makes you think about your priorities and question your values. It appealed to me both as it was a truely unique way by which the rising issues of consumerism and sustainable growth have been explored and visually, it is a well-executed, witty and impacting display of design. I particularly liked the copy of the products and some shown below. For a greater understanding of the project, visit the site - here.

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