Friday, July 13, 2007

Paul Chan - The 7 Lights

In recent years, Chinese artist Paul Chan's digital and video work has become well-known around the globe. His recently exhibited installation The 7 Lights offers a creative use of light and shadow and like all of his previous work is full of references to our world today.

Each animation is fascinating to watch and as the colours subtley change and bounce off the walls, abstract glowing shapes and shadows are cast around the gallery room. Chan began constructing the shadows using black sugar paper shapes then animating them, but I was inspired as to how something so simple, using the simplest of materials - light and paper, could create such a contemplative effect.

Furthermore, the ideas and references behind Chan's work and his explanations as to why he chose the shapes and objects used and what they mean, makes this a truely fascinating piece of work. Each of the seven installations become increasingly abstract, towards the final installation - the 7th, which has yet to be realised.

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