Sunday, July 22, 2007

Using Empty Space!

Found these ambient ad's for a chain of hotels from M&C Saatchi, Spain and found myself trying to think of other similar 'empty spaces' where an advertisement would be as effective as this. Sometimes you spend ten hours sitting in the same seat, looking at the same seat back with nothing on - the right idea with a successful execution could make advertising in this space really memorable. For this example, the idea works well, perhaps the illustrations could have been alittle better though.


Heidi said...

This is definitely a clever placement of ambient media. Unlike other advertising where they are striving to gain the viewer's attention, you have a guarenteed audience using this placement. There is no way the traveller could miss it as they are staring right at it for the duration of their journey.

Liz Dickinson said...

I agree, this is clever use of some previous empty space which is unavoidable to look at whether the message/illustration is good or bad.
I like the way they have tried to link the head of the person sitting in the seat with the illustration; however the illustration isn't strong enough to be an effective persuasive ad in this case.
The concept of using the the seat in front of the audience is a good idea though, you could lend it to most ideas, for example a copy based ad displaying the dangers of traveling alone or trusting strangers...indicating the person in front could be 'anyone'.