Sunday, July 15, 2007

Turning The Place Over...

Richard Wilson is one of Britain's most renowned sculptures, famous for his work that intervenes with architectural spaces with inspiration from the worlds of engineering and construction. Turning The Place Over is his latest installation in an unused building in Liverpool City centre, involving an 8ft egg shape cut from the building facade being rotated, giving the audience a glimpse of the interior.

It has received many reviews and much discussion, being labelled by some as the most daring piece of public art commissioned in the UK by some whilst others argue is it even art at all. Visually the installation is impacting - from far away it disorientates you as it is hard to see how part of a building is continuously rotating whilst up close it is fascinating as you watch part of a building front rotate above you.

After seeing his installation 20:50 (Saatchi Collection) , a room filled with recycled oil and being inspired by his approach to changing architectural spaces and altering people's perspectives, I was intrigued to see Turning The Place Over. In real, it is better than I had expected and fascinating when you stand underneath the moving cut-out. The installation has completely changed this old Yates' building in Liverpool and Wilson has explored the interior and exterior architectural spaces in a truely unique way.

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Hannah said...

I saw this on the news recently, and although I havent been to see it, my initial thoughts were that it was such ashame that the artist didn't do anything with the inside of the building as it seemed to be the aspect of the building that was being revealed. Maybe if this was a more permanent sculpture the inside of the building would have been part of the overall concept.