Friday, August 3, 2007

AIDS Awareness Campaign - France

Recently launched campaign in France based around an interactive website targetting teenagers to raise the awareness of contracting AIDs over the Summer months activities. 'touteslesrencontressontpossibles' (all possible encounters) was mentioned to me by a friend who recently worked in France as an au pair and I since found it online.

The site was produced by a French interactive communication agency, X-Prime and explores typical summer situations and how teens should 'stay safe'. Once you have made a few guesses at some of the French, the site is relatively easy to navigate and you can follow through various narratives (the beach, the disco) and what you should do when you get into such situations.

I found the visual style and graphics of the site particularly apt for the target audience and felt the tone of voice and execution suited both the subject and intended market. Although covering the serious topic, some of the animations/scenes are amusing; it would be interesting to hear back from the target market, whether they just found it funny or did engage with any of the information provided.

Using the Internet to promote awareness of taboo issues such as AID's has an incredibley powerful potential. One comment on the French site believed it to be the first website built to promote the awareness fo AID's. STI's and AID's are difficult issues to communicate, especially to younger audiences - in order to make an impact, it has to be serious and hard hitting, but to engage and hold their attention, it must appeal. 'Toutes Les Recontres Sont Possibles' makes a valid attempt to get teenages aware of the issues and I'm sure, provides a talking point, which initially, will get people discussing the issue.

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