Friday, August 3, 2007

Jonathan Yuen

Visually, a beautifully designed site for multi-disciplinary graphic designer Jonathan Yuen, which , over the last twelve months has won several awards for its animation/motion graphics and it's visual design/aesthetics.

Visually, it is fascinating to watch the animation as shapes change and form new images that relate to his personal 'visual narrative'-his approach and philosophy to design. The level on interaction is simple, users can click on certain points which reveal part of his narrative and then from there about himself and his portfolio; furthermore, Yuen's site is, a good example of a designer using their online portfolio to give an impression of themselves - there are personal touches to the website so you, as an audience, being to understand what makes Yuen 'tick'.

It's a fascinating site to explore and as you twist and turn through the site's clever navigational structure your attention is held and you become immersed in the images and animation, keeping you exploring the site and his work for far more than a couple of minutes.

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