Friday, August 10, 2007

Don't Drink and Drive

Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Art Director: Christian Mommertz
Copywriter: Stephan Vogel
Photographer: Joachim Bacherl

After my previous post I came across another attempt to communicate the dangers of drink driving. Again this advertisement for an ambulance service places emphasis upon the repercussions of drink driving with the hope that the 'shock factor' will deter people from drink driving. The collage of images makes you stop and read it in order to understand it so in this sense it is effective; by using the letters from various alcoholic drink packaging it makes an effective visual link between a can of beer and 'skull fracture'.


hannah smithies said...

i think that the association is there and its a clever idea but i don't feel it has the 'shock factor'. the message is there but i dont think its powerful enough and does not say, DONT DRINK AND DRIVE to you. the 'think' campaigns are more although more obvious they are definitly more powerful and have more impact (in my opinion).

Emily said...

I agree this visual piece does not have the shock factor such as the recent phone-video street clips, but I can still appreciate the subtle message communicated through the packaging design of the substance itself.