Friday, August 17, 2007

Nationwide Ad

Advertising Agency: TM Advertising: Irving, Texas, USA
Creative Director: Leigh Sander; Art Director: Judd Oberly
Copywriter: Michael Page; Photographer: Andy Mahr.

I came across this advertising installation, initially attracted to it by the paint spilling down the building and onto the cars and pavements of Colombus building in Ohio; I thought it was advertising paint - perhaps highlighting the vivid colour or covering ability of the 'Coops' paint range. However, I since realised it was advertising the financial and insurance services of Nationwide and Coops paint is infact a fictional brand - I then began to question the success of this advertisment. Yes it does grab attention and people would of stopped and stared at it but I personally don't feel the communication is particularly strong or coherent, the link between the spilt paint, the strapline 'life comes at you fast' and Nationwide isn't clear. A great visual execution but the concept behind it just isnt strong enough.


Charif Ltaif said...

i agree.. the connection between paint and insurance is not very clear. maybe they could have found somethng else that could deliver the message in a clearer way. something that would make the people walking by make the connection faster with the product or service in this case.. but we can't deny that its nice to look at!

Michelle Almond said...

A great execution and interesting piece of ambient media but I do agree with you that the connection / relevance isn't there between insurance and paint spilling.

It would have been a fantastic idea for a paint company.

Even the strapline isn't very strong... it doesn't really back up the visual.