Friday, August 31, 2007

CVV Suicide Prevention

Agency: Leo Burnett, São Paulo
Creative director: Ruy Lindenberg
Art director: Ricardo Toledo / Andre Gola
Copy: Carla Cancellara / Digão Senra

Interestingly executed concept to raise the profile of CVV, a social organisation dedicated to help people to help themselves to prevent suicide. The unusual use of cut outs attracts attention and with a simple line of copy ' Help Yourself' the message is clearly communicated. The campaign seems to of pitched itself at exactly the right tone of voice to both create a sense of the desperation people feel in such situations and the hope an organisation like CVV can offer - the large white empty space and the simple silhouettes in positions that create a sense of desperation and of hope, by reaching out for help, are effective in communicating the role of the CVV.


hannah smithies said...

this is great, the use of the minimalistic white sets the tone of voice at the right pitch (like you said) for the nature of the campaign. its great to see a poster with something else to it as aposed to the usual straight cut four sided rectangle posters we see so much of. an aspect of the poster coming out or cut out of it is an interesting idea, something to think about.

Chloe said...

This campaign shows how simple concepts of design can communicate a strong social message.

Simple and effective. It really grabs attention by presented a well known message (the best person to help you is yourself) in a different, very visual way.

Zahid said...

I love the simplicity of this. The cut outs portray a powerful message, and it really suits the campaign. The only problem with something like this would be kids/delinquents ripping the figures off.