Saturday, August 18, 2007

Bullet Lights

I recently came across a blog examining the architectural consequences of war and conflict - Unbuilt.

It looks to examine ways and share ideas as to how to revive a city/land after, or still in conflict. One entry that stood out was to address the presence of bullet holes in many of the buildings in Beirut; the concept looked to address the holes from a different perspective by replacing them with lights and reverse their meanings - for me when you see the building lit up this way it conveys a sense of hope, of looking forward and of a positive future.

Realistically this would not be viable in so many of the war-torn areas around the globe where people are struggling for necessities. However, as an approach to a memorial, this could provide a far more captivating outcome than some of today's current symbolic representations. Although following conflict and destruction we look at ways to repair and rebuild the lives of those affected, perhaps preserving something like this as a memory to those who suffered would be an idea.

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