Tuesday, August 7, 2007

BAD - Best of African Design

A small but rich and colourful exhibition currently being shown at the Oxo Building on the South Bank - BAD, the best of African design. On until the 26th August, the exhibition explores Zulu culture, South Africa's largest single ethnic group, through the work of top artists and designers from the region in and around the city of Durban. Work included linocuts from William Zulu, an artist well-known for his evocative work, intricate copper sculptures from Lindelani Ngwenya and weaves from telephone wires by Alice Gcaba, Joyce Mkhize, and Simon Mavundla.

For free, this exhibition offers an insight and exploration into the modern day life in Zulu culture, the issues it's people face and the surprises it has to offer. A fantastically colourful and evocative mix of art, sculpture, photography and design from up and coming artists that gives us the opportunity to comes into contact with the creative arts in another area of the world - It's great to see such an exhibition in London giving it's cultural diversity.

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Martin Delin said...

I wish I was in England... Would you, or anyone else that visited this exhibition please post pictures?

Thank you.