Saturday, August 11, 2007


TV and Cinema commercial for The Samaritans organisation by Lunar BBDO London and Therapy Films.

This was aired nearly a year ago, but I was recently reminded of it again - it really stood out to me at the time as a piece of work that perfectly captured the emotions and mindset of the audience The Samaritans are trying to reach. Tone of voice created through the choice of music and the style of animation chosen creates an arresting piece of work that attracts and holds your attention, creating a 'brand awareness' within both an audience that may need support and an audience that make offer support through donations or voluntary work.

Well worth a watch just for the excellent animation if nothing else. One of the people who worked on this commercial was three years above me at school, so it just goes to show the work we could be producing in a few years time if we are prepared to put in the time and effort.

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Wilson Page said...

Some really nice animation and a perfectly accompanying soundtrack. Although not a style of animation one would normally associate with a charity such as Samaritans I believe it works really well. There is a sense of ambiguity throughout the peice that prevents the audience dismissing it with preconceptions of charity marketing. The call to action and tag line appear at the end of the animation in such a blissfully simple way that appeals to everyone. Even I felt a slight connection lol!