Monday, August 13, 2007

James Goggin / Sara De Bondt

Two London-based graphic designers who both work alone, Goggin for his studio - Practice, and Sara De Bondt from Belgium who runs her own studio, and also collaborate.

I liked some of Goggin's work (shown above) - his style has a crisp, clean simplicity about it whilst still containing enough components to attract attention. His approach to composition is I feel a major strenght of his work and what makes many of the pieces successful. Alot of his work is for editorial, book and music-sleeve formats, so almost entirely print-based but he approachs these everyday formats differently everytime and offers some refreshing outcomes for books accompanying arts exhibitions inparticular.

Sara De Bondt's site also offers another refreshing set of graphic work, again mainly print-based. She has worked for some bigger clients including Channel 4, Big Brother and Jamie Oliver.

Her bookends made from discarded print matter offer a quirky alternate to the standard book end (shown above). I particularly liked her childrens illustrations for the book 'The Boy Who Always Looked Up and her poster for artist Ryan Gander, depicting the moon's changing shape - this piece explores using paper to create a 3D / sculputural element to her work by creating the moon shapes with cut outs.

Browsing through sites such as these is a great source of inspiration and often provides encounters with the more quirky, experimental work within the industry - I think it is really important we are aware of individual artists and small studios just as much as the large industry figures as inspiration, ideas and new trends can appear from anywhere. Both sites are worth a look and provide a series of links to other design-related sites to explore.

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