Monday, August 20, 2007

Penguin: Escape Into A Book

"Escape into a book"

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Singapore
Executive Creative Director: Andy Greenaway
Art Director: Richard Copping
Copywriters: Jagdish Ramakrishnan, Roger Makak
Photographer: Teo Studio/Corbis
Retouching: Kendrick Wong

Interesting advertising campaign from Penguin books shown in Japan. The campaign caught my eye as an alternate way to advertise books to today's consumer who lives a hectic, fast-paced life with little time to spare. Many people simply use the excuse they haven't the time to read so Penguin have positioned themselves, and their books, as an escape for those times in the day when you have to wait and have ten minutes to spare.

I found the art direction interesting here but question it's effectiveness - the shots are visually interesting and have a clear line of communication, 'these people are bored and waiting' but is the first thing you, as the audience notice, the book?

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Becky Edlin said...

It's funny you should say that last comment because until I got to the end of your paragraph I hadn't even noticed there was a book! - I didn't need it to understand the message - 'look at you spending your life waiting around, bored out of your penguin!' The book placement just seems awkward and unnatural - perhaps the client had a last minute panic and decided the message wasn't clear enough!
I suppose it depends on how well known the penguin brand is out in Japan as to whether the book was needed.