Friday, August 3, 2007

Heatherwick Studio

Heatherwick Studio, formed by Thomas Heatherwick in '94, 'exists to create unique design projects' and has produced work in the fields of sculpture, architecture, product and exhibition design. One of the most recognised projects from Heatherwick was in '97 at Harvey Nichols in London to celebrate London Fashion Week.

The work of Heatherwick interests me as I am intrigue by the innovative ways they respond to the environments the worked is created for. The installation for Harvey Nichols was visually impacting and pushed the barriers of 'window dressing' to the extreme. The monument for the Commonwealth Games in Manchester - B for the Bang, was another interesting concept - the idea addressed the physical explosion of energy competitive sport created rather than the peace and harmony an international sporting event promoted. Heatherwick's approach to projects and development of concepts that are 'against the grain' is I think, what I find inspiring about this work - it demonstrates that thinking in different ways brings innovative results and is an approach that can be applied to any area of design.

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hannah smithies said...

i always wondered what this sculptures purpose was or what it represented when i went to watch manchester city at their home stadium. now i know!