Friday, August 10, 2007

Drink Driving

Finding new ways to communicate public initiatives such as 'drink driving' will always be important to maintain a high level of awareness within society. The example above was created for the Mumbai Traffic Police in India by an Indian agency, Contract, a few months ago.

The coasters were printed using a special invisible red ink, which spreads only when moist; they were placed in prominent bars and when a member of the public placed their cold glass upon one, the red ink started to spread and the face starts to bleed. This is a great example of a concept that really creates a talking point - people will notice it and point it out to others, its memorable and attention grabbing , which is one way by which the campaign is effective. A new take on an existing effective approach - showing the repercussions of drink driving to hit the audience hard.

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Martin Delin said...

So very appropriate to target the bars. Too often campaigns, similar to this, are marketed in areas which might not neccesarily reach the target group. It might sound as obvious to us but too many times it seem the agencies do not dare to narrow the area of impact. Maybe the think they reach more people? They might - but I'm not so sure they affect more people.

Besides, it's a new and fresh take on the old fashioned beer-mat advert.