Saturday, August 11, 2007

United Visual Artists

UVA- United Visual Artists is a London-based company with an approach to project's that combines the disciplines of art direction, production design and software engineering; 'our philosophy is to tightly integrate these elements to deliver real-time, immersive and responsive experiences' (UVA).

Over the last year they have completed some interesting projects for a wide range of client's including the V&A (shown above), Tate Modern, Massive Attack, The Arctic Monkeys, BMW and Adidas. Installations, visual displays and interactive exhibitions area another area of visual communication that is fastly expanding, particularly with the advances in digital media and represent another area of the industry a designer could work in.

Echo, Tate Modern - An interesting conceptual piece which was performed live at the Tate Modern - a live 'movement' routine was performed which was 'echoed' by a digital representation of the live performance - I found the exploration of the relationship between human and computer-generated movement interesting within this project.

There is an interesting and varied set of work on the UVA site that is well worth a look through if just to have an awareness of another agency and indeed area, of the visual communications industry.

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Martin Delin said...

They seem to use very different means to deliver their message. As they mention on their website they strive to combine art direction, production design and software engineering. A vert interesting mix, which obviously delivers very interesting work.

Visually, I really enjoyed the V&A creation.